Full Circle CMT LLC

Massage/Bodywork with Elizabeth Beemer ACMT CNB

Elizabeth Beemer ACMT, DAFNS, offers Heart centered therapies for sustainable health and well being. Intuitively applied, embracing 20 years of experience exploring, practicing and teaching the healing arts and 15 years of massage/bodywork experience. She graduated with honors from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado in 1997. Her love of learning, fascination with the body’s innate healing wisdom, and desire for ever better solutions for her clients has inspired her continuing education. She has continued to develop her knowledge ad skills in the areas of women’s health, structural integration, functional neurological bodywork and teaching Hand Maintenance for Practitioners of Manual Therapy, The Art of Touch for partners, parent child, and story telling with touch for children.

Healing Point Acupuncture Center

Kurt F. Breitenstein, L.Ac., of Healing Point Acupuncture Center has been practicing acupuncture for the past eighteen years at this Pearl Street location. A Denver native, Kurt studied in Asia and San Francisco, California where he received his Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1995. In addition to his credentials in acupuncture, Kurt is an herbalist with a Diploma of Herbology from the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncturist.

Inner Insight Institute

Inner Insight offers classes and services in meditation, psychic development, spiritual awareness and healing in the B.P.I. tradition. Our instructors have a depth of experience to help navigate the paths our courses provide. The spiritual path is sometimes described as a journey, the seeking of one’s true identity.  Often the journey toward one’s spiritual destination is to learn what it means to be human, to appreciate that and to expand, becoming a more full and complete being. The training at Inner Insight is designed to guide you to becoming more spiritually integrated as you discover and follow your unique path.


Julie Chrzanowski, MA, LPC, is a Denver, Colorado psychotherapist specializing in adult, couples, family and child counseling. Chrzanowski views therapy as a collaborative process between therapist and client, providing a nurturing environment for clients to strengthen and deepen their interpersonal relationships, and feel better about themselves and their world.


LESSONSONLY – Every Legend Starts with a Lesson

LessonsOnly was created to help connect athletes and students with quality instructors. First-hand knowledge of the challenges parents face in finding good instructors for their children motivated Keith Koch, Founder/Chairman, to create a tool to facilitate this process for others. Our goal is to help people explore the thrill of new activities. So, if you are an instructor, join us and be part of a dynamic and supportive community, by offering lessons in anything from golf to dance to cooking to language. If you are someone looking for a new challenge, contact one of our qualified instructors, and feel the exhilaration of a new experience!

The Nail Bar

Michelle Marchand is owner and sole operator of The Nail Bar. Michelle is a Certified Master Pedicurist and Licensed Manicurist with Medical and European training. She specializes in medical pedicures and manicures, offering private customized appointments medically approved by a Licensed M.D and Podiatrist.

Sarah StokesSarah Stokes, LMT

Sarah specializes in Integrative CST Massage with a focus on Health, Wellness, and Fitness.  Sarah can be reached at 303.524.4717 for appointments. Check out Sarah’s Facebook page at






Solace Counseling, LLC

Zach Van Eps, MA, NCC, owner of Solace Counseling, LLC, aims to help people find relief from past traumas, healing in damaged relationships, and hope for a better future. Zach’s education background had a focus on couples and family therapy. In order to address one of his passions – working with clients who have suffered from trauma, anxiety, and phobias – Zach was trained in the specialized therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. (EDMR)